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Machin Collectors Club

The idea of the Machin Collectors Club was born in the mind of its administrator, Melvyn Philpott in 1971 when he became interested in Machin cylinder blocks. However it was not actually launched until July 1995 from where it has since attracted over 2000 members worldwide.
The initial idea was to provide as fast a service as possible to Machin collectors, to give them the latest information in the rapidly changing Machin field at the time. This could be the latest plate numbers in booklets, dates on Warrant blocks, Cylinder and phosphor numbers on Cylinder Blocks. Other information also included the latest errors, including missing phosphors, colour errors, imperforates etc.

This service is still provided each and every month, but many other services have since been added. 

These include:- 

* Monthly Newsletter giving all the latest information on Machins, Post & Go and Special Issues
* Postal Auction every month incorporated in the Newsletter
* Twice yearly fairs at Dunchurch Sports and Village Hall, near Rugby in Warwickshire
* The latest loose leaf edition of the superb QEII Specialised Definitive Catalogue
* Specially produced stamp mounts at very competitive prices
* Free advertising for members in the newsletters

For more detailed information please visit our dedicated web site here

Sutton Stamps

Sutton Stamps is the on line facility of the Machin Collectors Club. It was created as an alternative outlet for members to dispose of their surplus material.

The site caters for all GB issues but, naturally, most items listed on the site are Machin related. Please don't let that put you off! If you collect earlier material, this does appear regularly.

Generally we purchase material from members who are downsizing or from a members estate. As this is an MCC facility and not a commercial site we are able to offer the vendor a better return on their hobby and for the buyer we offer very competitive prices.

Newly introduced is a very large selection of Special Offers - many one off's - and now Loyalty Points are awarded to all customers on the site. These are equivalent to a 10% discount on any future orders and cab bespent on ANY item in the shop after accumulating only 20 points!

Why not have a look at our site - you never know what you will find. Just click here